Joseph Meyer, Esquire

The Law Office of Joseph Meyer, LLC is a solo practice firm established by Joseph Meyer, Esq. in 2013. Working in partnership with his brothers, Justin and Peter, Joseph specializes in Real Estate Law servicing Meyer & Meyer Reality and Meyer Properties, LLC.

Professional Accomplishments:

During his third year at Widener University School of Law, Joseph Meyer served as a Judicial Law Clerk to the Honorable Susan L. Robinson, a federal judge, who sits on the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware. This prestigious posting, in the J. Caleb Boggs Federal Bld., offered lots of opportunity for him to draft opinions, review briefs, and conduct legal research. After graduating in the top of his class with Cum Laude honors and a Certificate, Joseph began the long process of preparing, taking, and passing Bar Examination(s) for admission to practice. He began by taking and passing both the Maryland and New Jersey state Bars on his first try during the summer of 2010. During this time, Joseph achieved a 171/200 score on the Multistate Bar Examination, which placed him in the top 2% ranking for the nation. By the winter of 2011, he had taken and passed the Pennsylvania state Bar, also on his first try. Finally in 2012, he sat for and passed the Delaware state Bar, again on his first attempt!

However, for Joseph, passing all these Bar Exams was only the first step. Soon after passing the Delaware Bar, he began the process of establishing his own solo practice Law Firm in Wilmington. In 2013, Joseph founded The Law Office of Joseph Meyer, where he handles all aspects of real estate transactions involving the sale and refinance of residential properties. In addition to legal work, he also manages the books, drafts business plans, acquires necessary resources, and (of course) reaches out to new and existing clients. In addition to Real Estate Law, Joseph also drafts wills, trusts, and contracts and is currently licensed to practice law in DE, PA, MD, and NJ.

  •   Top 2% ranking for Multistate Bar Examination in the Nation.

  •   Graduated Widener University School of Law in the top of his class with Cum Laude honor.

  •   Passed Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey State Bars on his first try.

  •   Founded The Law Office of Joseph Meyer in 2013.

Leadership Examples:

Joseph Meyer is a shining example of a young business leader and entrepreneur. He is truly an inspiration to anyone who is considering opening up their own business and taking the risk that is self-employment. Without entrepreneurs and risk-takers, like Joseph, the world would be at loss. In my mind, it is such people, who shine by example and lead the way to a brighter future.


Growing up on the sunny island of Wildwood, NJ, Joseph Meyer learned about hard work from a veryyoung age while helping his parents with their beach motels and rental properties. His parents, Connie and Rob, moved to New Jersey to start their small businesses, which now have been in existence since the 1970s. Mr. and Mrs. Meyer’s passion for small, family owned/operated business rubbed off on their children. In turn, three of their five boys became successful entrepreneurs in Delaware.

Learning what entrepreneurship is from a very early age, Joseph was instilled with the work ethic, drive, and vision to one day begin his own small business. He continued down the path of self-employment after being admitted into the highly respected Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD. In 2007, after graduating with a B.S. in Accounting, Joseph continued his education at Widener University School of Law where he was admitted under an academic scholarship.

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